The future of The Walt Disney Company is hinging on the success of “Inside Out 2,” set to hit theaters this summer. After a tough year plagued by box office disappointments with films like “Wish,” “The Marvels,” and “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” Disney desperately needs a hit.

Pixar managed a surprise victory with “Elemental,” a film that overcame a sluggish start to become a significant box office success. However, the stakes are even higher now for “Inside Out 2,” which is predicted to rake in an impressive $115 million on its opening weekend, according to BoxOfficePro.

Disney is not resting on its laurels either. Upcoming sequels and remakes are lined up, such as “Toy Story 5,” “Frozen 3,” and “Moana 2.” They’re not just banking on nostalgia; the lineup includes major productions from Marvel and Star Wars hoping to revive those storied franchises.

As the summer release approaches, Disney hopes that the combination of a beloved original film and its family-friendly appeal will propel “Inside Out 2” to success and help revive their fortunes. But as with all things in Hollywood, the only truth lies in the numbers.

Disney is banking on this sequel to show audiences still crave their animated adventures, but time will tell. Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know if you think “Inside Out 2” will be the redemption Disney needs! Don’t forget to interact, share your opinions, and spread the excitement!

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Credit: Pixar, Disney