Disney is sprinkling some movie magic onto one of its best-kept secrets, and fans are buzzing! The ultra-exclusive Club 33, tucked away in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, is set to shimmer on the big screen. This members-only dining haven, located near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, has been enchanting Disney aficionados since its inception in 1967. Now, its allure will extend from the hidden alcoves of Disneyland to theaters everywhere, thanks to the talented Shawn Levy, the visionary director behind Marvel favorites like Deadpool and Wolverine, along with Dan Levine and Dan Cohen of 21 Laps Entertainment.

The plot of this exciting venture follows Kim, an intrepid young detective navigating the bustling streets of present-day New York. Her adventure takes a whimsical turn upon receiving an enigmatic invitation to Club 33—depicted as a mystical dining retreat that defies time and space. The club is a congregation spot for historical luminaries, dazzling royalty, and iconic personas. The storyline thickens when a murder mystery unravels within the club’s opulent walls, pushing Kim to solve the riddle in true detective fashion. Expect this film to channel the enchanting and adventurous spirit of Levy’s Night at the Museum series, delightfully blending intrigue and fantasy.

The origins of Club 33 itself are as magical as Disneyland. Inspired by Walt Disney’s experiences at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, Club 33 was envisioned as an executive sanctuary. The upcoming film will bring this fantastical concept to life, highlighting a setting brimming with historical mysteries and fantastical elements. The Club 33 project is part of Disney’s brilliant strategy of adapting its beloved theme park attractions into cinematic jewels, a path successfully tread by franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and, more recently, Jungle Cruise.

With a stellar team behind it and a plot that promises to captivate, the Club 33 movie is poised to offer audiences a mesmerizing mix of fantasy, adventure, and mystery. It’s an invitation to step into one of Disneyland’s most secretive corners, a place where every member carries a story waiting to be told.

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