Disney has a golden opportunity to rejuvenate its superhero genre with a sequel to the beloved 2005 film “Sky High.” Directed by Mike Mitchell, known for his work on “Kung Fu Panda 4,” this film starred Michael Angarano and Danielle Panabaker, now famed for her role in The Flash. Although “Sky High” wasn’t a massive box office hit, grossing only $86.4 million from a $35 million budget, it has earned a loyal following and critical acclaim over the years.

Mike Mitchell recently revealed that Disney had long harbored plans for a sequel and even a spin-off series, with Mitchell himself expressing a keen interest in revisiting the project. He detailed ideas for the sequel, which would bring back the original stars, including Nicholas Braun (now famous as Cousin Greg from “Succession”), Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Royal Pain, and Kurt Russell as The Commander. According to Mitchell, the younger characters from the original would now be university professors at a superhero college aptly named “Save U,” setting the stage for new adventures.

Mitchell’s enthusiasm for bringing back the “Sky High” universe is palpable. He spoke highly of the original film, noting the balance of comedy and high-octane action, a formula he finds comparable to his other projects. He believes transitioning the storyline from a high school to a college setting would provide a fresh yet familiar take for audiences.

With Disney facing recent challenges in maintaining its dominance in the superhero genre due to some Marvel missteps, the “Sky High” sequel could provide a much-needed boost. The turn of tides at the box office, where Universal recently unseated Disney as the highest-grossing studio, underscores the potential for alternative successes like this cult favorite. It’s a prime moment for Disney to leverage its existing intellectual properties and capitalize on nostalgia, bringing fans both old and new into theaters.

Fans of the original Sky High can stream it now on Disney+, making it the perfect time to catch up before any new developments are announced. Are you excited about the possibility of a Sky High sequel? Which original characters are you most eager to see return? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this story with fellow Disney and superhero movie enthusiasts! Let’s get the conversation rolling!