Disney’s “Inside Out 2” is currently a rare bright spot on their box office battlefield, poised to earn a staggering $100 million in its second weekend of release. The animated sequel, which continues to explore the emotional lives of its characters, bucks a recent trend of Disney mishits and offers a glimpse of hope for the Mouse House. Yet, this sunshine moment appears to be clouded by recent revelations from James O’Keefe.

Known for his controversial undercover operations, O’Keefe has set his sights on Disney’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. In a recent exposé, Disney’s Senior Vice President, Michael Giordano, was caught on camera discussing the company’s alleged race-based hiring practices. Giordano made shocking claims, indicating that the company is avoiding hiring white males, as part of their aggressive DEI agenda.

This insider information, also available on platforms like Film Threat and supported by conservative activist Christopher Rufo, isn’t entirely new. For years, outlets such as Film Threat have catalogued these internal practices and their repercussions on Disney’s workforce and content. One prominent allegation is that some veteran animators were essentially pushed out due to these intense diversity policies.

A particularly troubling moment captured on camera was Giordano’s comment that a black candidate was turned away for not appearing “black enough.” Such remarks have sparked a debate about the practical application and ethical implications of the DEI policies at Disney. After this story broke, Giordano even took down his LinkedIn profile amidst the social media storm that followed, with influential figures like Elon Musk amplifying the conversation.

Although mainstream outlets like The Hollywood Reporter and Variety have so far sidestepped these investigations, the ongoing reports from independent media wield significant influence. The question now is whether traditional media will pick up on these allegations or continue to ignore them, leaving the task to independent investigators.

What do you think about Disney’s DEI policies? Are they breaking new ground or breaking the bounds of fairness? Share your thoughts in the comments and let’s discuss!

Source: Hollywood in Toto