Welcome to Mickey News! Today, we spotlight the remarkable work of Disney’s Launchpad program, a curated short film initiative that showcases the creativity of underrepresented filmmakers. Launchpad’s second season, featuring the short film “The Roof”, tells a compelling story about a queer two-spirit teenager, played by Phoenix Wilson, who bonds with his Northern Cheyenne grandfather, portrayed by Wes Studi, while repairing a leaky roof.

In an exclusive interview, senior manager and producer Phillip Domfeh discussed the significance of diverse storytelling within Disney’s vast storytelling legacy. “Disney Launchpad sits at the intersection of 100 years of storytelling expertise and the next generation of filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds,” Domfeh explains. The program not only elevates these filmmakers but also entwines their stories with Disney’s rich heritage, offering them “the opportunity of a lifetime” to share their films on Disney+.

Reflecting on the learning curve from the first to the second season, Domfeh emphasized the importance of allowing filmmakers to operate from their greatest strengths. This approach enabled the addition of a writer’s track, doubling the number of participants from six to twelve, which significantly expanded the program’s impact.

One standout film from the second season is “The Roof”. Screenwriter Adam Parker penned this emotional narrative, drawing from his own life experiences, which profoundly moved the team at Disney. The film’s director, Alexander Bocchieri, and the talented cast, including Wilson and Studi, brought Parker’s script to life, culminating in a touching portrayal of identity and intergenerational relationships.

What really sets Launchpad apart is its commitment to creating a sense of belonging. “This can be a home for you,” Domfeh says, emphasizing that the program strives to ensure filmmakers feel integrated into Disney’s storytelling legacy, not as outsiders but as integral contributors.

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Source: Destiny Jackson