We didn’t exactly wave our magic wands for these films! Today on Mickey News, we’re diving into a list curated by WatchMojo that counts down the most cringe-worthy, tedious, or simply ill-conceived live-action movies from Disney’s vast catalog.

What started in the early days with charming classics like “Mary Poppins” and “The Parent Trap” has sometimes led our beloved studio astray in more recent years. Films like “Pinocchio” and “Alice in Wonderland” intended to rekindle our childhood nostalgia occasionally missed the mark for various reasons. Titles such as “Alice Through the Looking Glass” and “Dumbo” left us scratching our heads, wondering where the Disney magic had gone. Unfortunately, they ended up being as appealing as a cold plate of Mickey-shaped pancakes.

Remember “Inspector Gadget”? While it had the ingredients for a hit, it ended up being more cuckoo clock than wristwatch. And let’s not forget “A Wrinkle in Time,” which promised to dazzle us with interstellar adventure but instead felt like a lightyear too long. The much-anticipated “Artemis Fowl” didn’t fare too well either, leaving fans of the book series longing for a better adaptation.

Newer releases such as “Peter Pan and Wendy” have also faced scrutiny for not living up to the expectations set by their animated originals. Movies like “Mr. Magoo” and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” rounded out the list, with their quest for live-action charm falling flat.

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**Source:** WatchMojo’s compilation on YouTube detailing the top 20 worst live-action Disney movies.