“Young Woman And The Sea,” Disney’s latest biopic, hit theaters this past Friday. However, if you haven’t caught wind of it, don’t be too surprised. Disney’s reluctance to promote the film has left it largely unnoticed, with estimated earnings hovering around a modest $500,000. But what’s really going on here?

With Daisy Ridley stepping into the role of Trudy Ederle, the first woman to swim the English Channel, “Young Woman And The Sea” should be making waves. Ridley’s portrayal of Ederle is both compelling and relatable, capturing the spirit of a true pioneer who defied the odds presented by sexism, familial disapproval, and even her trainer’s jealousy. It’s an inspiring story of determination and triumph, much like the beloved underdog sports films Disney used to produce.

Despite its potential, Disney’s marketing efforts have been lackluster at best. The trailer for the movie was only released a month ago, and while Ridley appeared on some daytime talk shows, the push for the film seemed half-hearted. Notably, the film’s release timing also feels like a missed opportunity, as it could have capitalized on the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, where Ederle originally competed in 1924.

Interestingly, it took the influence of producer Jerry Bruckheimer to secure even a limited theatrical release for the movie. Initially slated for Disney+, it was after positive test screenings that Bruckheimer fought for it to be shown on the big screen. Still, this limited release and the lackluster promotional effort feel like Disney is undercutting the film’s potential impact.

In an era where streaming has taken precedence, Disney’s strategy seems shortsighted. The studio’s focus on blockbuster franchises and streaming content comes at the expense of the mid-budget inspirational films that used to define its brand. The result? Movies like “Young Woman And The Sea,” which could have thrived with proper backing, are left adrift in a sea of corporate decision-making.

What do you think? Could Disney have managed “Young Woman And The Sea” differently for a better outcome? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s discuss how beloved stories like these should be treated in the modern entertainment landscape.

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