In a surprise move, Disney has decided to shelve its much-discussed live-action adaptation of “Snow White” starring Rachel Zegler. This decision comes amid a maelstrom of controversy and a new competing project from conservative platform The Daily Wire.

Rachel Zegler, known for her role in “West Side Story,” was set to bring a fresh take to the iconic role of Snow White. However, the project faced significant backlash due to casting choices and narrative changes. Critics argue that the new take deviates too far from the beloved 1937 classic. Notably, Disney’s decision to replace the seven dwarfs with “magical creatures” has sparked criticism for allegedly bending to political correctness.

Adding fuel to the fire, The Daily Wire announced its own version of “Snow White,” aiming to stay true to the Brothers Grimm’s original 1812 narrative. This adaptation, starring Brett Cooper, aims to emphasize classical themes of good versus evil and beauty versus vanity. During an interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson, Cooper voiced disappointment over Disney’s direction, stating that many fans were disillusioned by the studio’s modern approach to the story.

Financially, Disney finds itself under pressure. Amid a high production cost, the studio needs to generate over $340 million just to break even. These financial stakes coincide with lingering criticisms, such as comments from David Hand, son of one of the original film’s directors, who described the changes as “insulting” and disrespectful to Disney’s rich legacy.

As Disney’s “Snow White” faces a delay to 2025, Zegler has remained silent on the controversy. Meanwhile, fans and critics are eager to see how both versions of “Snow White” will ultimately be received.

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