As fans eagerly await the June 14, 2024, release of Pixar’s “Inside Out 2,” Disney is already ramping up the excitement with a splendid array of themed merchandise now available at the Disney Store and in parks. These offerings capture the essence of the beloved characters and introduce some new ones set to debut in this highly anticipated sequel.

A delightful selection of plush toys brings your favorite emotions to life. Joy returns with a medium 15” plush, while Disgust, Envy, and Sadness come in smaller sizes, perfect for cuddling or display. Exciting new characters, such as Anxiety and Embarrassment, also get the plush treatment. Anger and Fear, two fan favorites, make their furious and frightened comebacks, and Envy joins the lineup, each plush showcasing the distinctive traits we all love.

Beyond plush toys, there’s an assortment of pins featuring the new characters, including a limited release Anxiety Pin and an Inside Out 2 Cast Pin. Figurines in the Deluxe Figure Play Set give fans a chance to reenact scenes and create new adventures. For those seeking a bit more interactivity, the Inside Out Marble Run Play Set adds a playful twist to the collection.

Fashion-forward fans and collectors will find treasures like the Inside Out 2 Loungefly Mini Backpack and matching wallet, catering to both style and practicality. Girls’ fashion items, including a sporting jersey and fashionable t-shirt, add a touch of Inside Out flair to any wardrobe. The Inside Out 2 Crossbody Bag and Baseball Cap cater to older fans, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

What stands out is not just the variety but the vibrant representation of emotions that Inside Out masterfully encapsulates. Whether through plushies, pins, or apparel, the merchandise offers something for every fan to cherish.

Are you excited for the release? Which item will you be adding to your collection? Share your thoughts and enthusiasm in the comments below! Don’t forget to spread the joy (and maybe a little Anger and Disgust) by sharing this with fellow Disney and Pixar aficionados.

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