Another enchanting revelation has emerged from Hollywood’s magical cauldron! Former Disney star, Ryan McCartan, known for his charming role in “Liv and Maddie,” recently divulged that he auditioned for the highly anticipated “Wicked” movie musical. Ryan’s candid reflections surfaced during a chat about the movie’s trailer, which hit the airwaves last week, tantalizing fans worldwide.

In a delightful twist of fate, Ryan shared his thoughts alongside Samantha Fekete, expressing his excitement and the possibility of attending the premiere. With a touch of humor, he revealed, “Jon M. Chu, you didn’t cast me in the movie, even though I worked so hard. That’s fine, no hard feelings,” he remarked, adding with a chuckle, “Confirmed I did audition… One of the many, many things I haven’t booked.”

Ryan is not a novice when it comes to “Wicked.” Those with a keen eye may remember his spellbinding performance as Fiyero in the Broadway production of the famed musical, a role he embraced from September 2018 until May 2019. He further enchanted audiences as Hans in Broadway’s “Frozen,” cementing his place in the pantheon of musical theater.

But Ryan stands among a constellation of Disney alumni who ventured into the audition for “Wicked.” Notably, Nick and Joe Jonas also threw their hats into the ring for the role of Fiyero. Adding to the celestial mix, Ryan’s former “Liv and Maddie” co-star and ex-fiancée, Dove Cameron, tried out for the role of Glinda, demonstrating the enduring ties amongst Disney’s star-studded family.

And the revelation trail doesn’t end there! Singer Spencer Sutherland also made headlines with his “Wicked” audition journey. The world waits with bated breath to see who will ultimately leave their magical mark in this highly anticipated film.

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