The excitement is palpable as fans of Pixar’s beloved Inside Out get ready for its highly anticipated sequel, Inside Out 2. Released in cinemas, this follow-up to the original 2015 hit dives back into the intricate world of emotions inside Riley’s mind, now tackling the unique challenges of her teenage years.

While we’re thrilled to see new emotions like Anxiety, Embarrassment, and Envy join the mix, many are wondering, “When will Inside Out 2 be available on Disney+?” Especially as it rakes in impressive box office numbers, estimated at a whopping $290 million in its first weekend alone.

So, when can we expect to cozy up at home for a streaming night? According to Pixar bigwig Pete Docter in an interview with Time, Inside Out 2 will adhere to a 100-day theatrical window. Given its cinematic debut on June 14, 2024, that places its Disney+ release right around mid-September. If Disney keeps its trend of mid-week releases, mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 25, 2024.

But what about those without a Disney+ subscription? Historically, many Pixar films have taken a detour onto Amazon Prime Video for rental options about a month-and-a-half after their theater premiere. While there’s no official word yet, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Inside Out 2 available there by the end of July.

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Source: Charlie Elizabeth Culverhouse