Exciting news from the magical world of Disney! Club 33, the elite and secretive dining establishment nestled within Disneyland, is stepping into the cinematic spotlight. The closely-guarded mystique of this exclusive club is about to enchant audiences on the big screen, thanks to the skilled hands of Darren Lemke, renowned for his work on the family favorite “Goosebumps” starring Jack Black and the hit film “Shazam!”

Teaming up with Lemke is the dynamic producer trio from 21 Laps Entertainment: Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen. You may recognize 21 Laps as the powerhouse behind cultural phenomena like “Stranger Things” and the poignant Holocaust drama “All The Light We Cannot See.” With a resume that impressive, we can expect something truly magical from this collaboration.

The movie promises a spellbinding adventure, imbued with the whimsical and mystery-laden aura of classics like “Clue” and Shawn Levy’s own “Night at the Museum” series. At its heart is Kim, a budding detective in modern-day New York who stumbles upon a cryptic invitation to Club 33. This invitation sets her on a whirlwind journey filled with secret passages, enigmatic characters, and the kind of enchanting escapades Disney fans dream of.

For those unfamiliar, Club 33 is the stuff of Disneyland legend—a hidden gem known for its incredible history, lavish décor, and exclusive events. The movie aims to expand this allure, drawing audiences worldwide into its charm and secretive splendor. Imagine the delight of uncovering the secrets of Club 33 while being swept away in a magical detective story!

We can’t wait to see how this project unfolds, bringing an air of mystery and adventure to the beloved Disney parks. What are your thoughts on this exciting development? Do you have any dreams of dining at Club 33? Share your excitement and speculations in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this story with your fellow Disney enthusiasts to spread the magic.

For the full scoop, dive into the original article by [Borys Kit at The Hollywood Reporter](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/disney-club-33-movie-darren-lemke-shawn-levy-1235904632/).