Disney fans, get ready for an enchanting update at Walt Disney World! The much-anticipated Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, replacing the beloved Splash Mountain, is about to open its gates, and we got an exclusive sneak peek thanks to YouTube creators Molly and Alan McCormack from Mammoth Club. Their verdict? It’s a magical ride you won’t want to miss.

A fresh take on the 2009 animated classic, “The Princess and the Frog,” Tiana’s Bayou Adventure infuses vibrant new life into the space formerly occupied by Splash Mountain, which had become controversial due to its ties to the problematic 1946 film *Song of the South*. Molly and Alan feel this new attraction, themed around Disney’s first black princess, is a well-deserved and fitting update.

Molly’s enthusiasm shines as she describes the ride: “Regardless of how you may feel about Splash Mountain, not everyone felt welcome. [Tiana’s Bayou Adventure]… was such a joyous and beautiful ride. The colors are amazing, the animatronics are amazing. It still feels like a classic nostalgic ride… but it’s better now.”

Their YouTube tour is comprehensive, showcasing everything from a gift store filled with Tiana-themed souvenirs — think jewelry, hot sauces by a renowned New Orleans chef, and even a $15,000 painting by a local artist — to the lush greenery surrounding the ride, including a lily pond and a community farm. Alan adds that the ride retains the thrilling 50-foot drop of Splash Mountain but introduces an entirely new story revolving around Princess Tiana’s journey to find a missing ingredient for her Mardi Gras celebration.

For those planning to visit, the McCormacks suggest taking advantage of Lightning Lane expedited passes to cut down on wait times. Their final advice? Ride the log flume multiple times to soak in the rich details and magic that Tiana’s Bayou Adventure offers.

Are you excited about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know if you plan to visit this enchanting new attraction!

Source: Sadie Whitelocks