We all have our beloved classics, but even Disney isn’t immune to a misstep or two when bringing animated favorites to the world of live-action. Today, we dive into the land of Disney’s less magical ventures with a roundup of live-action films that left fans scratching their heads rather than soaring with pixie dust.

[WatchMojo](https://www.watchmojo.com/) has put together a comprehensive list of these notorious flicks, capturing movies that either strayed too far from their animated origins or simply didn’t hit the mark in the magical department. Some of the notable mentions include the poorly received adaptation of “A Wrinkle in Time” and the somewhat bewildering “Dumbo.” Despite the allure of big names and high-stakes budgets, not every outing is a guaranteed hit.

Our childhood favorites like “Pinocchio” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” also found their way onto this list, perhaps proving that some stories are best left in the realms of animation. Who could forget the underwhelming “Artemis Fowl,” which had fans and newcomers alike puzzled over its deviations and creative choices?

Lesser-known but equally cringy attempts such as “Inspector Gadget” and “Mr. Magoo” seemed to miss the mark entirely, rounding out a lineup that had potential but ultimately failed in execution. These adaptations often struggled to balance nostalgia with new-age storytelling, resulting in neither satisfying long-time fans nor captivating new audiences.

What do you think, Disney enthusiasts? Did any of your least favorites make the list, or do you think some gems were unfairly tarnished? We invite you to *chime in below* with your opinions and share the experiences these movies gave you. Let’s get the conversation going, and who knows, maybe Disney will take note for their next adaptation adventure!

For full details on these less-than-magical Disney endeavors, check out the full list on [WatchMojo](https://www.watchmojo.com/). And as always, keep dreaming and believing, because even with a few hiccups, the magic of Disney is never far away.