Whether you’re a self-proclaimed Disney aficionado or simply someone who has basked in the magic of their films, we all have a soft spot for Disney’s enchanting stories and lovable characters. Among these is the timeless classic “101 Dalmatians,” a movie that charmed audiences with its adorable spotted pups and unforgettable villain, Cruella de Vil. It’s no surprise that shelters often name their Dalmatians after these iconic characters to attract potential adopters.

Enter Pongo, a lively Dalmatian currently seeking his forever home at PetSuites Winter Garden, Florida. This spirited boy has captured hearts online, particularly through a delightful TikTok video shared on May 18th. In the video, Pongo’s playful nature and striking resemblance to his animated counterpart are on full display.

Despite his charm, Pongo has been waiting seven long months for an adopter. One might wonder why such an energetic and handsome pup hasn’t found a home yet. Part of the issue may be what’s known as “101 Dalmatian Syndrome,” where people fall in love with the look of these dogs without considering their high-energy needs. Dalmatians, including Pongo, require ample exercise, space, and mental stimulation to thrive.

Additionally, there can be a stigma surrounding the breed. A commenter named Katerina noted this, suggesting people mistakenly believe Dalmatians are aggressive. Pongo’s rescuers assured that while he might be selective around certain dogs, he generally gets along well with others—traits that are common in many dogs.

Excitingly, the heartwarming efforts paid off. Following the viral TikTok video, Pongo was adopted just two days later by Olivia and Brandon, who are now ensuring he gets plenty of exercise and love. It’s a happy ending for this beloved spotted pooch, echoing the joy and magic that Disney stories instill in generations.

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