Fans of Disney and Pixar have yet another reason to celebrate as “Inside Out 2” continues to captivate audiences globally, pushing towards a staggering $500 million in worldwide box office revenue. On Thursday alone, this heartwarming sequel raked in an additional $23.4 million across 43 international markets, bringing its offshore total to an impressive $226.7 million.

Brazil set the animation world on fire with a monumental $3.2 million debut, marking the biggest opening day ever for an animated film in the country’s history. This incredible feat also positions it as the fifth highest opening for any film in Brazil and the top release of the year so far. Meanwhile, China’s release today is already showing promise with an estimated $2.6 million start, hinting at a strong weekend ahead projected to top $10 million.

Internationally, “Inside Out 2” has been an unstoppable force. Italy, France, Spain, and Belgium recently joined the excitement, each country propelling the movie to No. 1 on its opening day. Italy, for one, achieved a noteworthy milestone with a $4.2 million opening, making it the most successful animated debut ever in the country. The film’s popularity is echoing across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, exhibiting both robust and steady performance.

China’s promising reception further boosts optimism, with an audience score of 9.5 on Maoyan, surpassing the original “Inside Out.” The top-performing markets up till Thursday include Mexico with a colossal $45 million, followed by the UK, Korea, Germany, and Argentina, each contributing significantly to the film’s escalating success.

As “Inside Out 2” continues to charm families worldwide, we look forward to more updates throughout the weekend. The enchanting saga of emotions once again proves to be a universal language, resonating deeply across cultures and continents.

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Source: Nancy Tartaglione