Jan Koeppen, the dynamic President of The Walt Disney Company EMEA, recently reaffirmed Disney’s unwavering dedication to the theatrical experience, making a compelling case for the magic of cinemas. Speaking at the Deloitte and Enders Analysis Media & Telecoms 2024 and Beyond Conference held in London, Koeppen emphasized Disney’s “belief in the importance of theatrical distribution.” He passionately exclaimed, “Everyone at Disney loves movies, and we love to make them big.”

Using “The Lion King” as a shining example, Koeppen spotlighted how the beloved animated classic, which debuted 30 years ago, has not only enchanted audiences on the silver screen but has also expanded its legacy across various platforms. From award-winning stage shows and immersive theme park experiences to a range of consumer products and availability on Disney+, the story of “The Lion King” continues to thrive. This winter, fans can look forward to “Mufasa,” an exciting new spin-off. “We believe strongly that the breadth of our business is a key source of advantage,” Koeppen noted. “It brings strength, resilience, and opportunity.”

Koeppen’s insights were in line with Disney’s unique approach to storytelling, which seamlessly blends theatrical releases with other entertainment avenues. His remarks underscore Disney’s strategy of leveraging its rich portfolio to create a robust and resilient business model that offers endless opportunities for growth and engagement.

Furthermore, Koeppen touched on the booming success of Disney’s unscripted content in the UK, citing “Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story” as a prime example. This show’s success illustrates Disney’s knack for captivating audiences with compelling narratives, whether they unfold in grand cinema halls or through intimate TV screens.

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