Debuting this Saturday at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ brilliant new short “Inner Workings” takes you inside the human body. And the results are truly dazzling.

The short, which will play before Walt Disney Animation Studio’s newest epic Moana this November, follows Paul, an office drone whose life is painfully boring, redundant, and colorless. Inside, though, he is alive, with the camera zooming in and seeing how his different vital organs (heart, lungs, brain, etc.) react to the world around him. It’s a movie about balancing the heart and the head and it is a really inspiring, beautifully animated (featuring both 3D computer animation and traditional 2D animation) story that might make you look at the world a little differently.

We’ll have more about the short following its Annecy debut, but for now enjoy this brand new image from the film, which emphasizes the movie’s encyclopedia-like look at our main characters … who are also vital organs.

Inner Workings