A Care2 petition is asking Disney to run a PSA before screening ‘Finding Dory’ to ensure the safety of the blue tang.

Dory is an ultra lovable Pixar character, which could prove to be a problem for the fish.

A Care2 petition is asking Disney to take special precautions to ensure the safety of the blue tang, Dory’s species of fish, leading up to and following the release of Pixar’s Finding Dory.

The petition is asking that Disney add a public service announcement to play before screenings of the latest Pixar film, which is set to hit theaters June 17, that will outline the importance of protecting the blue tang.

Following the release of 2003’s Finding Nemo, sales of clownfish (the species of Nemo and dad Marlin) skyrocketed.

According to the Saving Nemo Conservation Fund, over 1 million clownfish are taken from reefs and sold for home aquariums each year, causing clownfish to go extinct in areas like the Philippines and parts of Thailand.

“Now that Disney knows the effect Finding Nemo had on clownfish, they should prepare for the effect Finding Dory will have on blue tang by doing their part to warn folks who see the movie,” writes Care2 petition author Kelsey Bourgeois. “I love these films, but it is such a shame that harm can come to real animals because of them.”

The petition has already garnered over 27,000 signatures of its 30,000 goal.