Anaheim, Calif. — Just when we thought Pixar couldn’t top the emotional rollercoaster of their 2015 Oscar-winning hit “Inside Out,” they surprise us with a stunning sequel, “Inside Out 2,” scheduled to release on June 14. This new chapter dives deeper into the mind of the now-teenage Riley, introducing a whole array of sophisticated emotions like anxiety, embarrassment, envy, and ennui.

Pixar has long been celebrated for films that engage every emotion on the spectrum, from joyous laughter to deep, heartfelt tears. The cast of “Inside Out 2” was asked which Pixar movies they turn to for a good cry, and their answers couldn’t be more relatable.

“I know a lot of people say ‘Up’ because of its torrentially sad opening,” said Paul Walter Hauser, who brings the character Embarrassment to life. “But ‘Toy Story 3,’ when they’re all huddling together, about to die? It didn’t feel like a kids’ movie anymore. It felt like – I don’t know – ‘Goodnight Saigon’ by Billy Joel.”

Joining the conversation, Amy Poehler (reprising her role as Joy), Maya Hawke (Anxiety), Tony Hale (Fear), and Liza Lapira (Disgust) shared a unanimous tear-jerker – the original “Inside Out.” All pointed to the poignant moment featuring Bing Bong, Riley’s imaginary friend.

“For me, it’s still Bing Bong,” Poehler confessed. “Richard Kind’s performance as Bing Bong was unforgettable. His final words, ‘Take her to the moon for me,’ left me in tears for two weeks!”

Lapira echoed Poehler’s sentiments, highlighting the emotional resonance that Bing Bong’s character brought to the film. “That scene was everything—one of the most touching cinematic moments I’ve ever experienced,” she added.

This blend of emotional depth and sophisticated storytelling makes “Inside Out 2” a must-watch, promising to tap into the nuanced feelings of growing up. Mark your calendars and grab your tissues — Pixar is ready to take us on another unforgettable journey.

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