Fans of the beloved Pixar movie “Inside Out” got a surprise recently when a viral social media post claimed that Joy, the effervescent character voiced by Amy Poehler, is a confirmed lesbian in the new sequel “Inside Out 2.” This post, originating from the X account @LyricVault, set the online community abuzz with discussions and reactions.

However, before you start celebrating this supposed revelation as fact, it’s crucial to know that @LyricVault is a satire and parody account. The account itself clearly states that its content is satirical, and a follow-up comment from the account confirmed the post was fictional.

Adding layers to the rumor, a community note linked to a story by The Guardian, discussing the plot and character development in “Inside Out 2.” The Guardian’s extensive look into the new film did not corroborate any confirmation from Pixar—now a proud member of the Walt Disney Studios family since 2006—about any character’s sexual orientation, including Joy and Riley, the primary human character. According to The Guardian, themes of puberty and self-discovery take center stage, but sexuality is not explicitly addressed.

Disney news outlet Inside the Magic provided additional context by mentioning a new LGBTQ+ character in the sequel but did not specify that Joy was this character. Instead, the focus was on broader themes of diversity and inclusion, highlighting how Disney continues to push boundaries in representation without confirming any specifics about Joy’s sexuality.

The much-anticipated “Inside Out 2” hit theaters on June 14 and has already made waves at the global box office, following in the lucrative footsteps of the 2015 original, which grossed over $857 million. The sequel is expected to perform similarly, having already amassed over $334 million worldwide within days of its release.

What are your thoughts on this satirical claim and how do you think it reflects on the evolving landscape of animated films? Share your opinions in the comments and let us know if you’ve seen “Inside Out 2” yet!

Source: Snopes