Renowned animator John Musker recently expressed his thoughts on Disney’s latest trend of live-action remakes, particularly focusing on the 2023 adaptation of *The Little Mermaid*. This film, starring Halle Bailey as Ariel, has sparked a myriad of reactions from fans and critics alike.

While Disney has seen significant success with its live-action endeavors, raking in billions at the box office for films like *The Lion King* (2019), not everyone is thrilled about these reimaginings. Musker, who co-directed the original *The Little Mermaid* (1989) and *Aladdin* (1992), voiced his concerns during an interview with Variety. He pointed out that Disney might be concentrating too heavily on political messaging over the core elements of storytelling and character development.

Musker elaborated, “The classic Disney films drew audiences in with enchanting characters and gripping narratives. Modern adaptations seem to be focusing more on promoting messages rather than crafting compelling, timeless stories.” He also noted that the new *The Little Mermaid* didn’t emphasize the father-daughter relationship, which he believes was central to the original story. Javier Bardem, who played King Triton, was underutilized, in his view.

Criticism didn’t stop there; Musker also pointed out the lack of expressiveness in the live-action animal characters. Sebastian, a beloved figure from the original animation, did not convey the same charm in the remake, which Musker found disappointing.

Despite mixed reviews, the live-action *The Little Mermaid* has proved commercially successful, grossing nearly $600 million. However, Disney shows no signs of shifting away from producing live-action films, with a live-action *Moana* and a prequel to *The Lion King* focusing on Mufasa already in the works.

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