In a surprising and candid revelation, Ryan Reynolds has shared his mixed feelings about Disney’s upcoming “Deadpool and Wolverine” film. Set to be one of the biggest blockbusters of 2024, this marks the first time Deadpool is produced under the banner of Walt Disney Pictures via Marvel Studios. The transition from Fox to Disney has many fans wondering if the Merc with a Mouth will retain his edgy, R-rated charm.

Reynolds, who famously brings Deadpool to life, was astonished that Disney allowed the film to maintain a “hard” R rating. Speaking to Fandango, he expressed his surprise and gratitude, stating, “I was surprised though, that [Disney] let us go as hard R, but very grateful. I mean, there’s no other way to do it.” Despite initial concerns, it appears Disney is willing to venture into more mature territory with this project.

Interestingly, Reynolds couldn’t resist his signature humor when discussing the film. In a video on his YouTube channel, he cheekily described the movie as “a vapid Dreamland” where “grown men and grown women walk around in tights and act like it’s not a giant cultural cry for help.” The video, found via a hidden QR code in the latest trailer, mocks the typical tropes of superhero films while maintaining the meta-humor Deadpool fans adore.

Reynolds also hinted that the film might eschew the customary post-credits scene, poking fun at Marvel Studios’ usual format. However, given Deadpool’s history of satirical commentary, it’s likely fans can expect more playful subversion.

As the release date of July 26 approaches, anticipation builds for this unique installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Joining Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are Emma Corrin, Matthew Macfadyen, and returning favorites like Morena Baccarin.

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