Disney villains have long been a cornerstone of enchanting storytelling, making heroes’ triumphs even more dazzling. From Cruella de Vil’s cunning schemes in *101 Dalmatians* to Ursula’s deep-sea treachery in *The Little Mermaid*, these antagonists are as iconic as the protagonists who battle them. However, the darker side of these tales often stirs up controversy.

Over the years, Disney has faced criticism for portraying villains that embody harmful stereotypes. Movies like *Peter Pan* and *Aladdin* have sparked debates due to their depiction of certain groups. Moreover, villains like the Evil Queen from *Snow White* and Lady Tremaine from *Cinderella* have been criticized for perpetuating negative stereotypes about gender and appearance.

Despite these criticisms, many fans adore Disney villains for their rich personalities and unforgettable performances. The complexity and nuance injected into their characters continue to captivate audiences. One standout example is Maleficent, transformed into a multilayered anti-hero in the live-action films starring Angelina Jolie.

Yet, fans were left dismayed when *Maleficent* (2014) was removed from Disney+ in the United States. This is due to old licensing agreements with other streaming platforms, like STARZ, which still hold the rights to certain films. Disney is working to consolidate its content, but until those contracts expire, some fan-favorites remain scattered.

For now, those yearning to revisit *Maleficent* can find it on STARZ or other digital marketplaces like Apple TV and Amazon. The sequel, *Maleficent: Mistress of Evil*, is still on Disney+, keeping the enchanting world of this misunderstood fairy close at hand.

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