In celebration of The Little Mermaid’s 28th anniversary today, Disney released a special episode of its popular series “As Told By Emoji,” honoring the film that launched Disney’s animated Renaissance with an adorable, emoji-fied retelling of Ariel’s magical journey under (and above) the sea.
Over almost three decades, audiences have connected with Ariel’s timeless story of exploring unknown worlds and creating her own destiny. However, thanks to the storytellers at Disney Digital Network, we can be certain you’ve never seen this mermaid’s tale quite like this before.
In the episode, fans will notice fan-favorite moments from the 1989 film, such as Ariel in her grotto brushing her #HairGoals red locks with a ‘dinglehopper’; Prince Eric, who obviously didn’t check her Weather app, being ship-wrecked; and, once Ariel transforms into a human, Flounder helping the princess get her steps in with a mobile step-counter. 
About As Told By Emoji 
As Told By Emoji  is a digital series that retells classic Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm narratives with emojis. The popular franchise has since garnered a global fanbase, capturing the hearts of millions – with 150 million total views – and having been translated to 20+ languages. Created by the team at Disney Digital Network, the series brings Disney storytelling to a new generation through digital platforms.