Walt Disney World is no stranger to ambitious projects. But even the Mouse House couldn’t have predicted this twist in the tale of Marvel Studios’ Blade reboot. Under the initial direction of Bassam Tariq, the film was envisioned to be set in the 1920s, and in preparation, Marvel Studios constructed a “massive train set” fitting the period. Unfortunately, creative differences led to Tariq’s departure in 2022, prompting the studio to shift the movie’s setting to the present day, leaving the elaborate train set unused.

Now, Disney is scratching its head, wondering how to repurpose this full-size movie set. Not your average hobby store train set, this production piece features a whole train on a studio lot, built for a film that’s turned onto another track. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios is keen to recoup costs by finding another Disney production that could utilize this colossal set piece. But which beloved Disney property would need a 1920s train?

Disney’s sister studios—Pixar, Walt Disney Animation, and Lucasfilm—aren’t well-suited for such a historic piece. Even the planned Big Thunder Mountain Railroad movie wouldn’t fit the bill, as it’s set in the 1800s. The only reasonable avenue seems to be within Walt Disney Studios itself, though the right project has yet to materialize.

Amusingly, one might think the Disney Parks could integrate it, adding to their lineup of train-themed attractions like the Walt Disney World Railroad and Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. However, moving and retrofitting such an elaborate set would likely cost a fortune, making it an unlikely candidate for the parks.

Maybe someday in the MCU, we’ll see a 1920s train station featured prominently in an X-Men movie, with a young Magneto having a pivotal moment. Until then, this grand set remains in limbo, a relic of what might have been.

What do you think? Should Disney find a way to utilize this set or maybe even keep it for a future project? Share your thoughts in the comments and engage with the community. Your opinions are what keep the magic alive!

Source: Chris Arrant