We did NOT wish for these films! Welcome to Mickey News, where today we dive into the cringiest, most yawn-worthy, or just plain ill-advised movies in Disney’s live-action catalog.

Since the release of their very first live-action film, Disney has given us timeless classics and modern-day wonders. However, not every enchanted tale and epic adventure hits the mark. As much as we adore Disney magic, sometimes those pixie-dust wishes turn into cinematic misfires that leave audiences scratching their heads.

One example that has received much critique is the remake of “Alice Through The Looking Glass”. While visually captivating, the film lacked the whimsical charm and coherent storytelling that made the original so beloved. Similarly, the ambitious “Dumbo” remake struggled to soar, leaving fans yearning for the heartfelt simplicity of the animated classic.

Not all attempts at breathing new life into old stories have fared well either. “A Wrinkle In Time,” despite its stellar cast and visually stunning scenes, fell flat with its convoluted plot and lackluster character development. The same can be said for “Artemis Fowl,” which left many book fans disappointed with its significant departures from the source material.

But it’s not just remakes that miss the mark. Original stories like “Mr. Magoo” and the more recent “Peter Pan And Wendy” have had their fair share of struggles, from weak plots to questionable casting choices.

What do you think of our picks for the worst live-action Disney movies? Do you agree or have a different film in mind that deserves the dubious honor? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article with fellow Disney fans! Let’s keep the conversation going!

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