We certainly did not dream of these flicks! Welcome to Mickey News, where today we explore our selection of the most cringe-worthy, sleep-inducing, or downright misguided films from Disney’s live-action library. From ill-fated attempts at reimagining animated classics to puzzling original productions, these movies make us wonder, “What were they thinking?”

Disney, known for its magic and timeless stories, has certainly had a few missteps in its quest to bring beloved tales to life. Despite their best efforts, some adaptations like “Pinocchio” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” failed to capture the essence that made their animated counterparts so enchanting. Even the adventurous remakes of “Peter Pan” and “Dumbo” left fans wanting much more in terms of innovation and emotional depth.

Among the most infamous endeavors are projects like “A Wrinkle in Time” and “Artemis Fowl,” which promised grand adventures but delivered confusion and disappointment instead. Not to be outdone, “Inspector Gadget” and the oft-forgotten “Mr. Magoo” tried to infuse humor but fell flat on execution, leaving audiences scratching their heads.

This list isn’t just a collection of unfortunate films but a study in the unpredictable nature of reimagining classic stories and creating new ones. While hopeful that each new release will rekindle Disney magic, these movies remind us that not all that glitters turns into box office gold.

What are your thoughts on these less-than-magical Disney moments? Share your picks for the worst Disney live-action films in the comments and let’s keep the conversation going!