Disney enthusiasts, prepare yourselves for a new, unforgettable spectacle at Shanghai Disneyland! Disney has announced a mesmerizing live show titled “The Adventure of Rhythm,” set to debut at the Storyhouse Stage in Adventure Isle. This exciting musical extravaganza will showcase beloved characters from cherished but often overlooked classics like “The Aristocats” (1970), bringing them back into the spotlight in an innovative performance set to captivate audiences from June 3 through October 2024.

In an era where Disney heavily promotes its latest blockbusters, this announcement stands out by celebrating some of the company’s lesser-known gems alongside its iconic tales. “The Adventure of Rhythm” is an original story following a team of archaeologists who specialize in the musical instruments and rhythms from various cultures. The audience is invited on a journey with these characters as they share vibrant stories and melodies from their adventures.

Expect a symphony of musical styles—regional, big band, hip-hop, Latin jazz, and pop—fusing together to revive memorable moments from Disney’s vast filmography. The show promises heartfelt encounters with characters from “The Lion King” (1998), “Aladdin” (1992), “Wreck-It Ralph” (2012), “Moana” (2016), “Mulan” (1998), “Pinocchio” (1940), and Pixar’s “Turning Red” (2022). What makes this performance truly unique is its dynamic structure, offering different versions of the show, ensuring new surprises for guests each time they attend.

Disney assures that “Each adventure offers a different lineup of characters,” meaning fans might catch a glimpse of rarely seen favorites like Marie from “The Aristocats” or the exuberant Genie with Aladdin. This imaginative production promises to enhance the guest experience at Shanghai Disney Resort, especially during the bustling summer season.

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