Greetings, Disney aficionados! As Disney tantalizes us with glimpses of their upcoming flicks at CineEurope and we eagerly await D23, it’s the perfect time to dive into some intriguing questions from around The Walt Disney Company. Here’s what’s buzzing this week about Hercules, Big Hero 6, Elio, and more.

First up, there’s much curiosity about the potential for sequels to fan-favorite animated classics such as Wall-E, Soul, Coco, Ratatouille, and Big Hero 6. While there have been whispers about a Big Hero 6 project, the specifics remain hazy, and it’s unclear whether this would be a Marvel collaboration or a direct sequel. As for Wall-E, Soul, Coco, and Ratatouille? Pixar doesn’t seem to have any sequel plans on the horizon.

A hot topic among fans is the role of the Muses in the live-action Hercules remake—a question steeped in both nostalgia and speculation. Though these characters were pivotal in the animated version, their presence in the new film hasn’t been confirmed. Let’s not forget Mulan’s live-action counterpart lacked Mushu, showing Disney isn’t afraid to diverge from the original narrative.

Speaking of modern twists, the Russo Brothers addressed rumors about Hercules being “TikTok-inspired.” They clarified that it’s about acknowledging how social media, especially TikTok, can influence storytelling and audience engagement, much like the global sensation Matilda created on the platform. Their approach will be informed by these contemporary shifts in media consumption.

In terms of upcoming projects, the discussion around Zootopia 2 has been notably quiet. Despite an alleged cast leak making the rounds on social media, no concrete updates are expected until the D23 event. Meanwhile, whether there’s a Frozone spinoff in the pipeline or details about Toy Story 5 remains equally elusive.

Lastly, our beloved Elio is reportedly undergoing script revisions, akin to the overhaul seen with The Good Dinosaur in 2016. This does not spell doom but rather indicates a careful crafting process to ensure the film meets Pixar’s high standards.

What are your thoughts? Got any hopes or predictions for these upcoming projects? Share in the comments below and let’s keep this Disney conversation alive and thriving!

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