If Disney’s Tarzan has 100 fans, I’m one of them; if it has only one fan, it’s me; and if there are no fans of the animated movie on Earth, then neither am I. That’s how much I love the movie, even 25 years later.

The last gem from Disney’s cherished “Renaissance” era, Tarzan, follows the journey of an orphaned young boy nurtured by a gorilla named Kala. When a British expedition arrives, Tarzan encounters humans for the first time, embarking on a journey to discover more about himself. The movie’s profound themes and vibrant storytelling made it the fifth highest-grossing movie of 1999. However, it remains underappreciated, scarcely recognized by Disney enthusiasts and seems to have faded into the background, with the Disneyland treehouse retheme being one of the few park nods.

But there’s so much to love about Tarzan. For starters, it beautifully redefines the concept of family. It’s clear from the start that families come in all shapes and forms. Tarzan might have lost his biological parents, but his bond with Kala, who raises him with unparalleled love and devotion, is heartwarming. Alongside, Jane’s relationship with her father also adds a fresh perspective, showing a more harmonious father-daughter dynamic.

Visually, Tarzan was revolutionary for its time. Pushing the boundaries of 2D animation, the integration of 3D elements to create lush jungle scenes was nothing short of groundbreaking. The movie’s compelling use of light and shadow, especially in intense moments like Clayton’s fall, adds layers of depth to its visual storytelling.

Emotionally, Tarzan is a rollercoaster. From the poignant opening of Tarzan’s parents’ tragic demise to the joyful and humorous moments sprinkled throughout—like Minnie Driver’s comedic timing or baby Tantor’s adorable antics—the film skillfully balances drama, comedy, romance, and adventure.

And let’s not forget Phil Collins’ incredible score that elevates the movie to another level. From the tear-jerking “You’ll Be In My Heart” to the empowering “Son of Man,” Collins’ music is timeless, resonating with audiences of all ages.

Not everyone shares my enthusiasm for Tarzan, but it’s undeniably a masterpiece in animation and music. I hope this tribute prompts some to revisit this classic on Disney+—and maybe even discover why it holds a special place in my heart. Share your thoughts in the comments below about Tarzan and let’s keep the conversation alive!