Hey there, Disney aficionados! Buckle up for a magical ride as we dive into which Disney songs are absolutely stealing the show on car journeys. Whether you’re en route to Walt Disney World or simply taking a Sunday drive, Disney music has a way of making the miles fly by with pure enchantment.

A recent study by Halfords delved into the playlists of Disney fans, analyzing over 300,000 tunes from Spotify playlists that include keywords like ‘Disney,’ ‘car,’ ‘driving,’ and ‘road trip.’ Drumroll, please! The data reveals that “How Far I’ll Go” from *Moana* is the champion of car sing-alongs, followed closely by the timeless “Hakuna Matata” from *The Lion King*.

Joining these hits in the road trip hall of fame are equally beloved classics. From *The Little Mermaid*, “Under The Sea” and “Part of Your World” make waves in the top ten. Of course, no Disney list is complete without *Frozen*’s “Let It Go” belting its way into our hearts (and cars). Here’s a quick rundown of the most listened-to Disney songs in the car:

1. **How Far I’ll Go** – *Moana*
2. **Hakuna Matata** – *The Lion King*
3. **Under The Sea** – *The Little Mermaid*
4. **You’re Welcome** – *Moana*
5. **Part of Your World** – *The Little Mermaid*
6. **I Just Can’t Wait to Be King** – *The Lion King*
7. **I’ll Make a Man Out of You** – *Mulan*
8. **When Will My Life Begin?** – *Tangled*
9. **Let It Go** – *Frozen*
10. **Go the Distance** – *Hercules*

In a delightful twist, the research didn’t stop at Disney songs. It also spotlighted the most popular songs from musicals, revealing that *Hamilton*, available on Disney+, dominated eight out of the top ten slots. Songs like “Satisfied” and “Alexander Hamilton” prove that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s genius is a road trip essential.

So, which Disney tune has you crooning behind the wheel? Share your thoughts in the comments, and let’s keep this enchanting conversation rolling. And if you want to dive deeper into the study, check out Halfords’ full research [here](https://blog.halfords.com/best-driving-playlists/).

Remember, the happiest drives on Earth are filled with Disney magic. Share this story with fellow fans and let’s keep the Disney spirit alive, mile after mile!

(Originally reported by Carolina Brigagao for Inside the Magic)