Richard M. Sherman, the legendary composer who, alongside his brother Robert, created enchanting melodies that defined Disney films for decades, has passed away at 95. Upon hearing this, it’s hard not to recall the catchy tunes of “Mary Poppins,” “The Jungle Book,” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” Who among us hasn’t hummed “Chim Chim Cher-ee” or reveled in the whimsical lyrics of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”?

Sherman’s career was nothing short of prolific. With his brother Robert, Richard went on to win two Academy Awards for “Mary Poppins” and left an indelible mark with the most-played song on Earth, “It’s a Small World (After All).” “Even today, the duo’s work remains the quintessential lyrical voice of Walt Disney,” The Walt Disney Co. fondly remarked in their tribute.

The Sherman Brothers’ collaboration began in the 1960s and blossomed into a partnership that included numerous beloved films such as “The Sword and the Stone,” “The Parent Trap,” and “The Aristocats.” Their influence extended into the realms of Broadway with musicals like “Over Here!” and stage adaptations of “Mary Poppins” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”

In one memorable interview with the Associated Press in 2005, Richard shared the magic behind their success: “We write for grandpa and the 4-year-old — and everyone in between — and all see it on a different level.” This philosophy gifted us songs that are whimsically ageless and emotionally rich.

Their father, Al Sherman, also a composer, imbued them with a love for wordsmithing, evident in the playful lexicon they created, including “fantasmagorical.” Despite a brief period of estrangement, their bond over music remained strong. “We’re human. We have frailties and weaknesses. But we love each other very much,” Richard commented, reflecting their sibling dynamics.

Sherman is survived by his wife Elizabeth, their two children Gregory and Victoria, and a daughter, Lynda, from a previous marriage. Disney announced a private funeral, with a celebration of life service to follow. As we remember Richard’s contributions, let’s celebrate his legacy by sharing our favorite Disney songs in the comments below. What song brings back your fondest Disney memory? Don’t forget to share and spread the magic!