Step into the magical world of Disney music with the newly launched podcast, “Disney – A Recorded History,” masterfully presented by Randy Thornton. Disney aficionados and music lovers alike can now embark on an auditory journey through the universe of Disney’s musical milestones, exploring cherished moments like never before.

Helmed by the Grammy Award-winning producer and Disney Music Historian, Randy Thornton, “Disney – A Recorded History” provides a unique lens on Disney’s storied past. Thornton, a pillar of Walt Disney Records for over three decades, boasts an impressive resume including ten Gold Records, four Platinum Records, and a portfolio of historical box sets such as “Annette: A Musical Reunion with America’s Girl-Next-Door” and “A Musical History of Disneyland.” With Thornton’s rich background, listeners are in for a treat as he weaves together narratives featuring the genius of Disney icons such as Ward Kimball and Richard Sherman, interspersed with rare recordings from Walt Disney himself.

The podcast made a grand debut on June 6, 2024, unveiling its first three episodes, which are sure to enchant Disney fans new and old. Dive into “Episode 1: Mickey Squeaks,” where Walt Disney reminisces about the creation of “Steamboat Willie,” the groundbreaking first cartoon with synchronized sound. Next, “Episode 2: Silly Skeletons,” offers an inside look at The Skeleton Dance with reflections from musician Carl Stalling. Finally, “Episode 3: When Pigs Sing,” explores how “Three Little Pigs” and its iconic song “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” catapulted Disney into musical stardom.

For those eager to take a musical voyage into Disney’s past, all episodes are available to experience now. Each episode is a treasure chest of stories, capturing the very essence of Disney’s innovative spirit and musical kaleidoscope.

We want to hear from you! What do you think of this captivating new podcast? Have you subscribed yet? Which episode resonates with you the most? Share your thoughts and reflections in the comments below, and don’t forget to spread the magic by sharing with fellow Disney enthusiasts.

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