Hold on to your Mickey ears, Disney fans! The Disney Music Group has just launched its first-ever multi-spot ad campaign for the beloved Disney Hits playlist with the magical tagline: “Magic Happens Here.” This enchanting campaign, crafted in collaboration with The Escape Pod and produced by Gravity Well Studio, is set to sprinkle some Disney magic onto our everyday lives just in time for the holiday season.

Disney Hits is no ordinary playlist—it’s an ever-evolving collection of the most iconic Disney songs from the past century, all conveniently compiled onto streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. With an impressive 90 million monthly streams, this playlist is nothing short of a musical extravaganza, featuring classics from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” to the latest hits from “Encanto” and “Wish.”

Rob Souriall, Vice President of Marketing at Disney Music Group, shared some delightful insights with us. The campaign rolls out three new spots in the U.S. this holiday season, and plans are already underway to expand into Canada and the U.K. by 2024. Souriall also hinted at the possibility of crafting region-specific ads with local talent and languages, aiming to capture the hearts of Disney lovers worldwide.

To keep the magic alive all year round, Disney Hits employs a robust marketing strategy. Souriall revealed that the campaign spans multiple media channels including search, social, television, and even radio. Notably, Disney Hits has its own SiriusXM Channel (133), which functions like a radio station and features curated playlists along with special shows and interviews.

The campaign’s target audience is as broad as it is nostalgic, appealing to families across generations—grandparents, parents, young adults, teens, and kids. Souriall aptly described this as the “musical Circle of Life,” where timeless tunes bridge the gap between ages.

And here’s an exciting tidbit for first-time streaming users: Disney Hits Playlist is curated weekly by the Disney Music Group’s sales and digital team. This means fans don’t need to spend hours creating their own playlists. They can simply say, “Play Disney Hits,” and let the magic unfold.

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