What would you do if you were suddenly awoken from slumber by Darth Vader? We bet you wouldn’t be as prepared as this adorable two-year-old.

In the video below, dad Rob Lopez tells us that his son is a huge Star Wars and Darth Vader fan, and that he is going to wake the two-year-old up, dressed as Darth Vader. The mom of the two-year-old officially agrees to this plan with a signed waiver. We are already obsessed with this hilarious family.

Lopez then gathers his Darth Vader gear, which is impressively accurate. It should also be noted that he assembles the gear on top of a Millennium Falcon rug. Now we love this family, and their home decor.

Then, Lopez sneaks into his two-year-old’s room and wakes him from his slumber. You have to see how the two-year-old reacts:

The two-year-old shows absolutely no fear of Darth Vader, and instead busts out a lightsaber which apparently he sleeps next to. After a brief battle with Darth Vader, the two-year-old then decides that story time is a more appropriate activity. The Force is strong with any Jedi child who can get Darth Vader to sit in a rocking chair and read a children’s book.

We have learned many things from this family today. First, that Star Wars brings people together, and second, that you should always sleep with a lightsaber nearby, just in case.