In celebration of International Sloth Day (today, Oct. 20), Oh My Disney released a video honoring the adorable, slow-moving mammals for their popular “Disney IRL” series, which brings beloved Disney characters to the real world in unexpected ways. In the latest episode inspired by Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Oscar®-winning feature Zootopia, hidden cameras capture the priceless reactions of DMV-goers, shocked to find real-life sloths working behind the counter.

We all know the DMV can move at a snail’s pace. But what if it moved at a sloth’s pace? Unsuspecting visitors to the DMV were surprised to find that this was actually the case when customers were treated to a scene ripped straight from Zootopia, with real-life sloths stationed at computers and snapping driver’s license photos.

This is the third episode from Oh My Disney’s “Disney IRL” series. The first, which featured “Dug,” the squirrel-obsessed Golden Retriever from UP, quickly went viral, racking up 5 million views in the first 24 hours and 40 million total views to-date.