As we mark the 75th anniversary of the film “Bambi,” we take its message of conservation to heart. We strive to connect our guests to the magic of nature so they will have a greater appreciation of our planet and hopefully help protect it. Walt Disney’s passion for nature and animals was inspiring, and we are honored to continue to deliver on his commitment.

“Bambi” touched the hearts of many viewers, in part because of how the story highlights the struggles of beloved native animals such as deer, owls, opossums, skunks, and butterflies. If you’re planning a visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom this weekend, you can take advantage of some of the special “Bambi”-themed photo opportunities at Rafiki’s Planet Watch while also meeting and learning more about some of the species featured in the film. Here are just a few of the animals you may come across during your visit.

Kelly, a Virginia opossum:

  • North America’s only marsupial, these animals have 50 teeth, the largest number for any land mammal.
  • When born, they are about the size of a honeybee but grow to weigh up to 12 pounds.

Barker, a striped skunk:

  • The odor from a skunk’s spray can be detected up to 1.5 miles downwind.
  • Striped skunks are beneficial because they eat a large number of insects and rodents, keeping pests away from gardens and farms.

Barnaby, a lionhead rabbit:

  • These animals get their name from the “wool mane” that surrounds their face.
  • Domesticated rabbits are herbivores and eat soft stems, grasses, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Speck, an Eastern screech owl:

  • When resting, these owls may close only one eye at a time so they can keep an eye out for predators.
  • Screech owls possess earlike tufts that can be raised or lowered to express their mood.

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For additional animal information, visit to learn more about other amazing species and how you can help them in the wild.