Disney has released the newest episode of its popular Easter Eggs series, which reveals secrets animators have placed in plain sight in some of our favorite Disney films. On the heels of their viral DIsneyPixar Easter Egg episode, Disney unveils a follow-up video detailing how each Pixar film is altered for an international audience.

Join Disney as they investigate how the franchise tells timeless stories that are cross-culturally relevant as well. Some changes detailed within include:

  • A Direct Reflection of Culture: Riley’s Dad from Inside Out daydreams about hockey for U.S. audiences and soccer in international versions.
  • Appealing to Local Tastes: Did you know that broccoli is widely enjoyed in Japan? For Inside Out, Riley is instead repulsed by bell peppers.
  • Sometimes There Is No Direct Translation: Despite there being no spoken word in the iconic opening sequence of UP detailing Carl and Ellie’s relationship, necessary alterations were made to communicate Ellie’s dream to live in a place called ‘Paradise Falls.’

Although it may appear seamless to viewers, this video shows how Pixar Animation Studios puts immense thought and consideration into making Disney•Pixar films enjoyable for viewers across the globe. Please consider sharing this video.

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