Adventures by Disney trips offer something for every type of vacationer. With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to explore destinations that are perfect for those who enjoy a little bit of spooky fun.

Here are my favorite eerie destinations you can visit with Adventures by Disney:

Investigate the Ominous Tower of London
On the Adventures by Disney England and France trip, you’ll explore the foreboding Tower of London. This fortress is not only one of the city’s most visited attractions, but legend has it that it’s haunted as well! Prepare to learn about its checkered past as an infamous prison.

Explore German Lore by Candlelight
Set off at dusk in Rothenburg, Germany on a tour of town led by a night watchman. Follow the watchman’s flickering lantern as you traverse through the town’s ancient cobblestone streets, learning the tantalizing tales of the region.

Uncover Fables of the Loch Ness Monster
On the Adventures by Disney Scotland vacation, depart from the ruinous Urquhart Castle on a canoe ride across the dark and legendary waters of Loch Ness. Or join a skipper on a boat tour and delight in tall tales of the search for the elusive creature lurking in the waters below.

Sail off to an Ancient Acropolis
How about touring a frightful fortress set on an abandoned island? On the Adventures by Disney Greece vacation, you can do just that! At Spinalonga Fortress you’ll learn about the haunting history of this medieval ghost town while traversing the ruins of the island.

Come Face-to-Face with Creepy Crawlies
In South Africa, encounter some pretty far-out crawling creatures at a presentation led by a leading reptile expert. Feel your nervous adrenaline pumping as you come face-to-face with live snakes and African insects in this slithering, slimy activity!

Take Part in Frightful Fun at Disney Parks
Whether you’re exploring Southern California or journeying through China, experience ghoulish delights at Disney Parks during Adventures by Disney trips to these locales throughout October. Would you rather scream on Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark at Disney California Adventure park, or experience the spine-chilling Maze of Madness at Hong Kong Disneyland?

Whether you’re conquering your fear of creepy crawlies or searching for legendary sea monsters, there are endless amounts of spooky fun to be had on an Adventures by Disney trip!