To celebrate May the Fourth, Pandora looked at the most popular tracks and trends from all of the Star Wars soundtracks! Some of the findings might surprise you—stats below.

  • Apparently, Pandora listeners are also huge Star Wars fans… over 750,000 users have added a John Williams stations, and his music has spun over 446 million times.
  • In terms of theme songs, Darth’s is more popular hands down—“The Imperial March” has nearly 7 million spins, with “Princess Leia’s Theme” coming in second with over 880,000 spins, and “Yoda’s Theme” with over 400,000 spins.
  • Main Title or End Credits? According to track spins across all versions of both, End Credits has 19.5+ million spins, and Main Title has 9.6+ million spins.

Across all of the soundtracks, here’s a ranking of the top spinning songs:

  1. Duel of The Fates (Episode I): 10.6 million
  2. The Imperial March (Episode V): 6.7 million
  3. Battle of the Heroes (Episode III): 4.1 million
  4. Anakin vs. Obi-Wan (Episode III): 3.6 million
  5. Star Wars and the Revenge of the Sith (Episode III): 3.4 million
  6. Anakin’s Betrayal (Episode III): 2.7 million
  7. Across the Stars (Episode II): 2.3 million
  8. Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidious (Episode III): 2.1 million
  9. Enter Lord Vader (Episode III):  2 million
  10. Imperial Attack (Episode IV): 1.8 million