Exciting Week at Disneyland Resort: Influencers in Bear Costumes Cause Stir

This week, Disneyland Resort guests encountered a surprising spectacle as a group of adults donned bear costumes, defying the park’s dress code. The trio of costumed visitors roamed Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure, creating a mix of amusement and outrage among parkgoers.

Famous Disney influencer Sherief Zakher, known online as @thejungleskipper, led the antics. He has previously faced criticism for repeatedly violating park rules and exhibiting disruptive behavior. This time, Zakher and his friends took to live-streaming their day in bear onesies, drawing a mixed response from fans and onlookers. Although Disney’s policy typically bans costumes for guests over 14, onesies are often overlooked, leading to some confusion among guests.

The live stream quickly turned chaotic when Zakher, allegedly under the influence, reacted angrily to viewer questions about their entry into the park. He went as far as to threaten viewers and use profanity, even in the presence of children. His actions sparked a heated debate online, with many Disney enthusiasts expressing their disappointment and frustration on platforms like Reddit.

One clip showed Zakher giving the middle finger to his audience, a gesture that did not sit well with fans. “Disney does not endorse this creator, but yet they allow him to act this way in their parks?” one outraged viewer noted. Meanwhile, another child could be heard in the background, asking the streamer to stop his inappropriate actions.

Reflecting on this incident, some fans highlighted the oddity of the situation. “While the bear onesies technically might not qualify as banned costumes, Zakher’s aggressive and inappropriate behavior was completely out of line,” one critic pointed out. Others called for stricter enforcement of Disney’s dress code and behavior policies.

In a related incident from 2022, influencer Ashley Aiello (@gardenofarden) faced reprimand for wearing a ballgown at Disneyland Park, which security deemed a tripping hazard. These cases underline the ongoing issues surrounding dress code enforcement and influencer behavior in Disney parks.

What are your thoughts on this bear costume debacle? Should Disney implement stricter rules for influencers and costumes? Share your opinions in the comments below, and let’s start a conversation!

Credit: @thejungleskipper via TikTok, @gardenofarden via TikTok (Source: Inside The Magic)