When it comes to visiting the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, many guests dream of experiencing the magic that only Disney can offer. However, for one guest, a stay at the iconic Disneyland Hotel turned into a nightmare they won’t soon forget.

A Reddit user, TesterFingYe, shared their disturbing experience. They recounted a visit marred by a severe bedbug infestation that left both them and their six-year-old daughter covered in bites. Despite their efforts to alert hotel staff, the guest reported feeling let down by Disney’s response. According to the guest, it took hours before they were moved to a new room, with inadequate attention given to their complaints.

It’s worth noting that while bedbugs are a common issue in hotels globally, Disney’s brand promises a level of service and cleanliness that guests hold in high regard. Many commenters, including former Disney housekeeping staff, noted that Disney’s usual procedure involves immediate action, such as bringing in dogs to check for bedbugs and providing ample compensation for any inconvenience. This particular instance, however, appeared to have fallen through the cracks.

Despite the rarity of such events, it’s important for guests at any hotel to take precautionary measures upon arrival. Simple checks like lifting mattress pads and closely inspecting sheets for any small dark spots can prevent unwelcome surprises. Such vigilance is key, especially in high-traffic accommodations like those in Disney resorts.

Have you ever encountered bedbugs during your Disney vacation? What do you think Disney should have done differently in this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to share this story with other Disney fans. Let’s keep the conversation going to ensure that everyone’s magical vacation remains just that—magical!