Tokyo DisneySea, Disneyland Paris, Shanghai Disneyland… the international Disney Parks are teeming with rides that we’d love to see land stateside. So, let’s dive into the magical attractions that we think would be perfect additions to Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World! After all, who wouldn’t want a taste of the international Disney experience closer to home?

**Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast** in Tokyo Disneyland is at the top of our wish list. This trackless dark ride invites guests to step into Belle’s world, dancing through iconic scenes from the beloved film. The cutting-edge technology, including a jaw-dropping transformation of the Beast, makes this a must-experience attraction that would fit seamlessly in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland. Imagine hopping from Enchanted Tales with Belle right onto this enchanting ride – it’s practically meant to be!

Over at **Hong Kong Disneyland**, another trackless dark ride, **Mystic Manor**, stands out with its unique storyline and whimsical spin. Follow Lord Henry Mystic and his mischievous monkey, Albert, as magical artifacts come to life. The immersive experience is perfectly accented by Danny Elfman’s captivating score. Mystic Manor isn’t just a ride; it’s an adventure that we think would be a hit alongside Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World.

In **Shanghai Disneyland**, **Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure** takes the classic attraction to new depths. With high-tech projections, realistic animatronics, and heart-pounding special effects, this boat ride brings the swashbuckling adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow to life like never before. While we cherish the original Pirates of the Caribbean rides, doubling up with this immersive experience would be a dream for any Disney fan.

Let’s not forget **Zootopia: Hot Pursuit**, also in Shanghai Disneyland. This family-friendly thrill ride takes you on a high-speed chase through the diverse terrains of Zootopia. With plans for future expansions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, perhaps there’s room for Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde to join the fun on their quest to stop a kidnapping in Zootopia’s iconic districts. It’s already a hit in Shanghai, so why not share the love?

Lastly, a highlight from **Tokyo DisneySea’s** newest land, Fantasy Springs, is **Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival**. This enchanting boat ride based on **Tangled** deserves a spot in Disney World. The breathtaking scenes and magical ambiance would be a fantastic addition, especially for fans who appreciate the mere Tangled-themed bathrooms in Magic Kingdom.

These are just a few international gems we’d love to see stateside. Which rides would you most like to see brought to Disneyland or Disney World? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s get a conversation going. Maybe, just maybe, our voices will reach the ears of the Imagineers!

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