At Mickey News, we love bringing you heartwarming stories from the happiest places on earth. Today, we’re thrilled to share a special tale from Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Five-year-old Cora, whose battle with coronary heart disease has been tough, found solace and inspiration in the Disney+ series “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.” With the help of the amazing folks at Make-A-Wish and Disney, Cora’s dream trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom turned into an unforgettable adventure.

Cora’s journey began at just four days old with her first procedure, culminating in an open-heart surgery at one year of age. Amidst these challenges, the show “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” provided an escape, as she watched the animals go through experiences similar to her own medical treatments. Cora’s mom beautifully captured the impact, saying, “It means the world to now see her wish come true and enjoy being a kid.”

During her special day at the park, Cora had an enchanting meeting with baby elephant Corra—an animal she eagerly wanted to see. Elephant keeper Michelle shared, “It’s really meaningful to do something that turns into someone’s wish.” Cora’s aspirations soared higher after spending time with her favorite cast members, veterinarians Dr. Jen and Dr. Geoff, further cementing her dream of becoming a doctor.

In celebration of Earth Month, Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment (ASE) team also managed to grant wishes for three other children from across the country. These “wild” wishes included exclusive safaris, up-close encounters with fascinating animals, and private visits with beloved Disney characters—a joyous event made possible by the efforts of over 50 cast members.

Wish trips have a profound effect on children facing critical illnesses and their families, with Disney granting more than 155,000 wishes over four decades. These magical experiences bring happiness and renew hope, embodying the spirit of Disney.

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