Disney recently hosted a prestigious two-day event known as “The Power of Joy: Creator Summit” on its Burbank Studio Lot and at the enchanting Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. This exclusive gathering brought together 77 influential Black creators for an engaging experience rich with Disney magic, exclusive sneak peeks, and meaningful discussions.

Anastasia Ali, Vice President of Enterprise Commercial Inclusion Strategy at Disney, shared her excitement about the event’s purpose. “We designed this unique event for Black creators because they are the trendsetters, the ones driving culture and influencing global consumers,” she stated. This memorable summit showcased Disney’s forthcoming content and experiences, allowing influencers to connect deeply with the company and each other.

Among the dazzling surprises, attendees received a privileged tour of Walt Disney Animation Studios, further cementing the bonds between the creators and Disney’s storied legacy. As content creator Brandi Marie King enthusiastically noted, “It’s an all-around fun experience with Disney magic that never stops. At 10 am, I found out I’m going to D23, and then two of my friends won cruises!”

Jill Estorino, President and Managing Director of Disney Parks International, emphasized that this event is just the beginning of a lasting relationship. “This is our first summit of this type, but it’s more than an event. It’s a start of an ongoing partnership with some of the most influential Black creators from across the country,” she explained.

Disney’s initiative to connect more closely with Black influencers is not only innovative but essential in today’s diverse cultural landscape. The company recognizes the pivotal role these creators play in shaping pop culture and consumer trends worldwide.

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