Disney has a magical offer for certain fans who purchased a now-discontinued Dream Key pass. Nearly 100,000 Disneyland enthusiasts will soon be receiving their part of a $9.5 million settlement from a class-action lawsuit, according to recent communications.

The lawsuit, initiated by California passholder Jenale Nielsen in 2021, claimed that Disney misled Dream Key passholders by advertising “no blockout dates,” which proved not to be the case. When Nielsen tried to book a reservation for specific dates in November 2021, she encountered unavailable dates, leading to the legal action.

Though Disney denied any deceptive practices, they agreed to the $9.5 million settlement last July to avert a lengthy trial. Around 103,435 people who bought the Dream Key pass between August 25 and October 25, 2021, are poised to benefit from the payout. After deducting legal fees, eligible fans can expect around $65 each.

The process is straightforward: the settlement administrator will automatically send checks to claimants’ last known addresses, unless they opted for an electronic payment, which could be received as early as June 14. Passholders have until September 12 to claim their funds. If you are one of the lucky Dream Key holders, look out for that notification!

This Dream Key has since been replaced by the Inspire Key, now the priciest pass Disney offers, promising minimal blockout dates.

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