Magic Key Holders who once held a Dream Key are finding a pleasant surprise in their inboxes: emails regarding an upcoming settlement payment. This development traces back to a lawsuit initiated by Jenale Nielsen in 2021, who felt deceived by Disneyland’s promise of “no blockout dates.” She discovered that, due to the reservation system, her access was far from unlimited.

This lawsuit turned class-action accused Disney of misleading their top-tier Magic Key customers. Dream Key holders, investing in a $1,399 pass, found themselves unable to snag reservations on numerous days, contradicting the “no blockout dates” pitch. Nielsen took action on behalf of all Dream Key holders, and this suit transitioned from state to federal court, culminating in this recent settlement.

Disney’s response to this was succinct. In a statement to The Los Angeles Times last July, they expressed satisfaction with the resolution but remained tight-lipped about specifics or settlement amounts. Meanwhile, Nielsen’s legal team also refrained from commenting further on the settlement details.

Affected Dream Key holders received an email stating they are eligible for a $65.67 payment, with instructions to claim their payment electronically starting June 14, 2024. They have until September 12, 2024, to do so. For any questions, former Dream Key holders can visit the official settlement website or reach out via the provided contact details.

The Magic Key program, introduced in the summer of 2021, replaced the beloved Annual Pass program, featuring a reservation system that determined park capacity ahead of time. The Dream Key, initially allowing bookings any day of the year, has since been replaced by the Inspire Key, which has some holiday blackout dates but shows no signs of undergoing substantial changes.

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