Magic Key Holders, Get Ready for Some Pixie Dust in Your Mailbox!

Dreams can come true, and for Disneyland’s Dream Key holders, that means a little extra magic heading their way this month. Remember the Dream Key annual pass that promised limitless access to the Happiest Place on Earth, without any pesky blockout dates? Well, turns out some pixie dust got a bit mixed up, leading to a class-action lawsuit that’s now sprinkling dollars back into passholders’ pockets.

A total of $9.5 million is set to be shared among more than 100,000 passholders who purchased the nearly $1,400 Dream Key between August 25 and October 25, 2021. Each will receive about $67.41. Sure, it’s not quite the cost of admission, but consider it a bit of Mickey’s magic apology.

This magical settlement arises from a lawsuit filed in November 2021 by Jenale Nielsen. Jenale believed that her shiny Dream Key would unlock any day at Disneyland, only to encounter blackouts when trying to plan Disney adventures in November. Her legal team argued that Disneyland was restricting Dream Key reservations to sell more single-day tickets—a claim that pushed the issue to court.

But here’s the twist in our magical tale: Disney decided to sprinkle some fairy dust on a settlement in July 2023, agreeing to pay passholders without admitting any wrongdoing. It was pure magic to avoid a lengthy trial and keep the castle gates open.

Now, if you’re among those 100,000 sprinkled Dream Key holders, expect your check or electronic payment to reach you by mid-June. The $67.41 might just cover a churro or two—and maybe even leave a bit for some Dole Whip. For Jenale, who launched this ride through the court, her efforts will be rewarded with a $5,000 payment.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, while agreeing to this fairy tale ending, hasn’t admitted to any mischief. But as the magic envelopes start arriving, it’s a good reminder of the ever-evolving spell that keeps Disneyland enthusiasts enchanted.

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