The happening at Disneyland has taken an interesting turn as the Master Services Council, representing approximately 13,000 Disneyland employees, has filed unfair labor practice charges following the discipline of over 500 cast members for wearing Mickey Mouse union buttons. The controversial buttons feature Mickey’s white-gloved hand raised in a fist and were part of the larger negotiations for a new contract affecting more than one-third of the park’s 35,000 employees. This ongoing situation has garnered attention and highlights how something as small as a button can symbolize a significant stand for labor rights.

According to The Orange County Register, these charges are set to be investigated by the National Labor Relations Board. In response, Disneyland has reiterated that its cast members are only allowed to wear buttons and pins that are part of their official costumes to ensure guests’ immersive experience remains intact. Any deviation from this policy might result in cast members being asked to remove unauthorized items and facing disciplinary actions for continuous non-compliance.

Disneyland officials have indicated that to date, only a minor number of disciplinary actions have been taken. However, the Master Services Council is relying on a landmark 1945 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that supports employees’ rights to wear union insignia at work, even within the constraints of a dress code. The unions involved in the negotiation process include a diverse group of cast members, ranging from ride operators and store clerks to custodians and candy makers.

As the current contract approaches its expiration on June 16th, the tension is palpable. With negotiations ongoing since April, the outcome of these discussions will significantly impact many dedicated Disneyland employees and potentially set precedents for future labor and employer interactions.

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For a detailed look at the original report, visit The Orange County Register.

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